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June 2007
The Canadiana Fund adds donation of art from the Estate of Toni Onley for Canadaís official residences, including the Prime Ministerís residence, and the Governor Generalís residence.

July 2007
Outdoor conservation team attempts rescue of totems damaged during windstorm in January. Sculptural elements are extracted successfully, but more extensive damage to support columns is discovered.

August 2007
Jay begins conducting video making workshop for federal maximum security inmates, creating documentary of mural painting.

  Night of the Living Polka



Our point of view is gently bobbing up and down as we simulate the perspective of a stork flying over the country near the small town of EUCHRE in the mythic midwest. Below us we see a farmer driving his tractor, in a heartbeat we zoom down into and under his skin and can see what heís made out of at the genetic level. Wrong stuff, a buzzer sounds, red lights flash, we flap back up to cruising altitude.

As the big bird zooms over the quaint and rough mainstreet, we shoot down to examine the DNA of a girl on a swing, a priest trying to start a car, and the sound of a squawk draws a startled look from a woman on the street.

On the hill over looking Euchre, underneath the evening star is lovers lane, and our stork coasts down towards a fancy convertible where a beautiful young couple is making out passionately on the back seat. This is a young and vital OSCAR BRUIN and his future wife, KITTY. As the stork approaches we hear polka music on the radio. They hear a squawk, break from their lip lock to look up:

Hey, what kind of bird is that?

I dunno, looks like a stork. Hey, never mind, come back hereÖ.

The polka music rises. We see the car moving rythmically, and hear ecstatic voices of passion mixed in with the music.

Nine months later I came along, and it is said that the very first sound I heard was the sound of polka music. Polka music was in my blood.

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