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The Happiness Project

June 2007
The Canadiana Fund adds donation of art from the Estate of Toni Onley for Canadaís official residences, including the Prime Ministerís residence, and the Governor Generalís residence.

July 2007
Outdoor conservation team attempts rescue of totems damaged during windstorm in January. Sculptural elements are extracted successfully, but more extensive damage to support columns is discovered.

August 2007
Jay begins conducting video making workshop for federal maximum security inmates, creating documentary of mural painting.

  The Happiness Project. Is the state of experiencing happiness a choice each individual makes, or is only the result of blind luck and environmental influences? Can we really choose happiness? Is it possible to measure happiness? Does happiness have origins in our murky evolutionary prehistory, if so what could have been the purpose and how has the manifestation of happiness evolved? Can money buy happiness, or even rent it?

From Plato to the Dalai Lama, from the worlds of science and faith is a body of research and contemplation on the condition of happiness...What is it and is it attainable? Is happiness a choice?

Motivated by exposure to individuals who choose drama and darkness over well being and contentment my pursuit of happiness is both personal and political.

Individuals who rate higher on the antagonism scale suffer from earlier onset of dementia, heart disease, addiction issues. Links between hostile attitudes and a shorter more miserable life are well established, so the bottom line is - those who tend to be argumentative, competitive, emotionally cold deprive not only themselves a full and meaningful life, but cost society as a whole.

My project is to study and promote the findings of contemporary research on happiness, in hopes that the social disease of hatred can be put into a context.
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