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June 2007
The Canadiana Fund adds donation of art from the Estate of Toni Onley for Canadaís official residences, including the Prime Ministerís residence, and the Governor Generalís residence.

July 2007
Outdoor conservation team attempts rescue of totems damaged during windstorm in January. Sculptural elements are extracted successfully, but more extensive damage to support columns is discovered.

August 2007
Jay begins conducting video making workshop for federal maximum security inmates, creating documentary of mural painting.

  Filmscripts. I have written documentary film scripts for Canadaís National Film Board, which have enjoyed the usual distribution arrangements. I have also sold options to a few feature film projects, ranging in subject matter from historical dramas, science fiction/ fantasy, horror, and what interests me most - family comedy.

The film script is a hybrid literary document, which strictly dictates format and flow, yet is only partial, itís a blueprint of a vision, and perhaps the only creative stroke in the entire film production process.

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